Buy or lease your own island?

Haha, I would love to do that. I just read this article 


“Many assume a criterion to owning your own private island is being among the elite one percent. However, that is not necessarily true. There are a number of islands that are less expensive than $1 million and definitely less expansive than $100,000 for those who cannot withstand the urge of owning a piece of land in the middle of vast waters.

An island can be purchased in two ways. The first is a freehold option. This means you 100 percent own the island; it is also the most common option. However, you can also lease an island as well. ”

I think this is so funny, and if I could by my own island it would be one of these:

1. Rangyai Island, East of Phuket


“Much like its neighbour, Phuket, Rangyai Island is adorned by beautiful white sand beaches and lush tropical forests. In addition, given its advantageous location between the islands of Phuket, Krabi, and Phangna, the island benefits from incredible 360-views. “cimage_fe02c338d8-thumbb

2. Mounu Island Resort, located in Vava’u Archipelego

Well, it’s free to dream !


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