Soo.. I just came back from L.A. and thought I could share some tips on where to go. I only went for a few days, so obvious I still have a lot to explore!

I loved this place; The Skybar is located on Sunset, just East of La Cienega in Hollywood at the Mondrian Hotel. The view is beautiful and the place has a really cool and laid back vibe. I laid here for hours reading and relaxing with some good drinks and snacks.

Mondrian Los Angeles Hotel
8440 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
 I stayed at The Grafton, it has a super view over the city and it’s just next to The Mondrian. The location on Sunset is super and has walking distance to many go-to spots.
A funny thing happend tho; I was waiting in the lobby when suddenly a guy comes to me and tells me he loves my shoes. After talking a bit he tells me his name, and I i realized it was Fat Joe, hahah. He invited me to his show and I got some connections, so funny.

Another funny experience; The first night I arrived, I was randomly introduced to Justin Bieber and One direction. The night after I went to the same place (Sunset Marquis) to just take a drink.. What I didn’t expect was to meet them again! As I was alone at the bar we started to talk and after a while I was suddenly hanging out with one of the guys from OD and Miley Cyrus.

1200 Alta Loma Rd, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA


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